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  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Round-ups  and listicles
  • Blogger seeding 
  • Awareness Day campaigns 
  • Product launch strategy 
  • Industry & trade media relations 
  • Regional press to support retailers

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 97 including Forbes, Sirius XM, Authority Magazine, Trend Hunter, NYMag, AP News, MSN, Yahoo! News and many more
  • Total Live Links: 82
  • Audience Reach: 11B
  • Products Sent: 6
  • Number of mentions: 413

Soom Foods is a brand of healthy and delicious tahini-based food products founded by the Soom Sister. Their interest in Tahini and healthy foods arose from the lack of good food with healthy ingredients. As a result, they developed their own amazing, delicious and healthy tahini-based products from recipes passed down through their family for generations.

Due to the obscurity of tahini, Soom Foods sought the help of Publicity For Good to increase awareness and introduce people to this superfood. They wanted to educate the public regarding their goods, tahini, how to use it and the inspiration behind their brand.  Not enough people know about tahini, which translated to a lack of visibility and awareness for the brand. As such, Publicity For Good employed an aggressive awareness and education campaign to introduce people to tahini and the story behind Soom Foods.  Essentially, Soom Foods wants to make tahini as common as ketchup.

Our ideal coverage would include product features, exclusive recipes, health food roundups, product reviews and features in health, food and wellness publications. We aimed to secure features in top food, cooking and recipes publications, top lifestyle and business publications and features in regional outlets Soom Foods has aimed for as well as local, regional and national media outlets. We also amped up pitching especially on relevant awareness days. 

Publicity For Good’s campaign secured a total of 97 media opportunities, 82 of which are live across a variety of media outlets and generated over 11 billion media impressions from their live features. They were also mentioned in the media 413 times from January to October of 2022. Among our opportunities that converted into top-tier digital and print media outlets such as Sirius XM, Kitchn, The Epoch Times, Forbes, Authority magazine, Whole Foods Magazine, Tree Hugger, Fast Casual, UPROXX, The Epoch Times, NBC 10 Philly Trend Hunter, NYMag, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Thrive Global, MSN, AP News, and Yahoo News. We were also able to secure gift guides, features, recipes, roundups and reviews from popular blogs and influencers including I May Roam, Dishing Out Health, Ahava Bite, From My Bowl, Running The Kitchen, This is How I Cook, Shockingly Delicious and Ash Said It.

Through our campaign, Soom Foods was able to cultivate an understanding, curiosity and interest for tahini. Soom Foods has now begun to expand to new market segments and Publicity For Good continues to supplement their efforts through regional and local interviews, product reviews and placements. Unsurprisingly, Soom Foods’ media exposure has established Soom Foods as a reliable source of a once obscure, but now essential home food item.

Founded by the Soom Sisters, Soom Foods is a proprietor of simple, home-making, kosher-friendly, healthy and delicious Tahini-based food items. Their passion for developing their premium food items stems from a lack of food options that were both healthy and delicious growing up. They wanted to address this concern, thus they developed a line of products that were not only good for you, but tasted absolutely amazing. Publicity For Good worked with the Soom sisters for 11 months, and was able to obtain a significant number of media opportunities across a multitude of channels. Publicity For Good was able to generate a total of 82 media opportunities and generated over 11 billion media impressions. Our work with Soom Foods has also aided in putting tahini and other tahini-based products on the map as a premium and nutrient-packed superfood, much to the benefit of Soom Foods.


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