WhatIF Foods - the first 6 months

Services Offered:

  • Media Relations
  • Press Support
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Digital and Traditional 
  • Product Launch Strategy 
  • Expert Interviews

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 247 including VegNews, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, BevNet, beverage Industry, Well+Good, VegWorld, Prepared Foods, Clean Plates and Good Morning America among many others
  • Total Live Links: 44
  • Audience Reach: 92M
  • Products Sent: 79
  • Publicity Value: $1.4M

WhatIF Foods approached Publicity For Good with the desire to create buzz around its entrance into the US market and to establish WhatIF Foods as a credible, innovative and mindful brand by circulating positive news and telling the story of The WhatIF Way. All these are hoped to increase their overall sales and create enough to generate substantial traffic to their stores. The brand specifically aims to give Gen-Z the hope that they are heard and that WhatIF Foods is a brand that walks their talk.

We approached this by focusing our attention to local, regional and national press that focuses on business, sustainability, national food, nutrition, pop culture, regenerative agriculture media, vegan media, innovation and Gen-Z-oriented media. In addition, we also included WhatIF Foods to our holiday gift guides as one of our top picks for mindful foodies.

Naturally, Publicity For Good took a relentless approach to book opportunities with these media outlets and schedule opportunities on key awareness periods. Moreover, we heavily featured the brand’s strong advocacy and movement for regenerative business and agriculture. News releases and alerts were crafted to feature the brand’s many activities and events centered around its products and their mission. In total, we were able to release 9 news releases and media alerts which includes the following:

  • WhatIF Foods pitch to the media
  • WhatIF Foods New York City expansion News Release and Media Alert
  • WhatIF Foods Named As A Real Leader for Impact
  • WhatIF Foods Holiday Offers
  • WhatIF Foods Talks on Generation Fest
  • WhatIF Foods launches on Amazon
  • whatIF Foods To Attend Planetiers World Gathering
  • WhatIF Foods Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

In the span of just 6 months, we were able to collect a total of 247 media opportunities, 44 of which are already live including VegNews, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, BevNet, Beverage Industry, Well+Good, VegWorld, Prepared Foods, Clean Plates and Good Morning America among so many others. We were able to accumulate a total reach of over 92 million media impressions, effectively cementing WhatIF’s place as a relevant figure in sustainable business and alternative foods. In total, an estimated publicity value of $1.4M was collected for WhatIF Foods. Were also able to send out a total of 79 product samples to several media outlets and key media members. Moreover, content for WhatIF Foods was syndicated through PFG’s email list consisting of 20,000 subscribers and all its social media platforms with a following of over 100,000 followers.

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