The best way to explain this would be to define it against the advertising industry—an industry that everyone is familiar with and where everyone is pretty clear about what it does. So here it goes—advertising is telling people about your brand; PR, on the other hand, is what people are saying about your brand. It gives you control over your messaging. PR is a way for businesses to communicate with the public and media so you can shape a positive brand image. It’s an indirect way of promoting, marketing, and telling stories about what you do. And here’s the kicker—because PR is more strategic, you have the advantage of creating more credible publicity that’s also less expensive.

A media opportunity is when the media contact confirms interest in your product or story, and want to use your brand for editorial consideration. Traditionally, this would include a TV, print or radio spot. However, in the digital age, this can easily include coverage from influencers, websites, and social media platforms.

Our media training is designed to give our clients a true and accurate account of what it’s like to deal with the media. We use previous experience to create messaging that will help you answer questions during interviews. We create segment notes and questions to go along with any broadcast interviews. We can also rehearse discussions and q&a situation over phone or video chate to ensure you’re comfortable and prepared.

This will entirely depend on the plan that you subscribe for. We try to make the entire process as simple and streamlined as possible for our clients however there are certain things that will require your personal attention and time. This includes approval of all content released and media interviews. At most, PR will take 1-3 hours a week depending on what editors and media are requiring.

We have relationships with local, national, regional and international media outlets. This includes print, TV, and radio, as well as social media influencers, web-based publications, and digital magazines.

Yes—that’s an integral part of what we do. We get to know your business inside and out to uncover the most compelling story we can tell about your brand. From there, we tailor all communications to focus on this message and ensure that all coverage always ties back to it.

With PR, we can create a compelling and memorable story that goes back to your brand and core values. We earn your publicity, which means not only is it more cost-effective for your business, it’s also more credible. Ultimately, this translates to better ROI for your business.

The PFG team has never missed media opportunity goals. In the rare occasion that we may not be able to meet the current monthly KPI’s, then they will roll over into the next month’s goals.

We track and monitor progress across all media opportunities–volume of press pickups; media impressions; content analysis; website traffic; lead sourcing; social media mentions and engagement. You will have goals laid out prior to signing your contract to ensure that we are aligned with expectations.

We make it a point to find media opportunities that consider both your schedule as well as the press. If you are ever unable to make an interview or appointment set up through us, you must let us know as soon as possible so we can try to reschedule this for you. Missing an interview can mean missing an opportunity, and possibly injuring the media relationship, so we ask that you keep us in the loop on anything that could prevent you from attending an interview that has already been scheduled.

This will largely depend on your industry, the kind of business you’re in, and media targets that we will shortlist for you. There may be instances where you will be required to travel for an interview; and in such cases, please rest assured that you will be given ample time to prepare for it.

We’re all about transparency and ensuring that our clients are always kept in the loop. We’re sticklers about reporting so we make sure that we have a formal report sent every other week to all our clients. We also host monthly strategic calls and maintain constant communication to deliver media opportunities as they come through. We like to respect one another’s personal space so we do not text or call one another after work hours. We communicate through email at least twice a week with you. If you prefer to speak through a personal Slack channel, that can be arranged as well.

 We use our media trackers to keep track of all contact that we have with media members. To ensure full transparency in the ‘notes’ section and reason as to why a media contact rejected your story will be quoted in there. However, there are instances where media doesn’t respond directly as to why they rejected the opportunity to interview you. We will also track this for you.

If any portion of the payment is not made within the first 10 days of the agreement due date, as set forth above, a late fee of 10% of the total amount of the monthly invoice will be assessed and an additional 10% of the original amount for each additional month following will accrue in Fees.

The Client is responsible for full payment of fees for the entire Agreement, regardless of whether the Client completes the term. To further clarify, no refunds will be issued for fees paid.

If at any moment the Client wishes to pause or cancel their contract, the Agency will need written notice of why cancelation or pause is taking place. Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon sixty (60) days prior written notice to the other party.

Our team culture, work ethic, and dedication all play into our proven track record for delivering earned media in the first 30 days. Our work is defined by a clear set of processes that make it scalable and ensures real results. Each client we work with has a dedicated and experienced Account Executive–you won’t ever have to worry that you’re being passed on to a junior team member. We also make sure that we only work with clients whose values and mission are aligned with ours, that way we can become sincere and passionate ambassadors for the brand.

No. If they are direct competitors, it would be a conflict of interest.

PFG was started and is currently run by Heather DeSantis, whose previous experience as a publicist lent itself to the creation of an agency that was equally focused on both the bottom line and delivering real, measurable results, with a strong focus on giving back.

Yes. You can refer to our list of PR programs for pricing information. Depending on your needs, you can choose an appropriate program that will deliver your desired results.

We use a comprehensive tracking software to deliver real-time analytics for your programs. This allows us to get a bird’s eye view of your entire campaign that go beyond just tracking clips to determine the real business value of your earned media. Using this platform, we are able to provide clients with data on how earned media mentions and coverage are influencing conversation about their brand and impact it has on traffic that gets driven to your site.

We use Cision–a flexible analytics platform that delivers a full picture of the impact of our PR efforts are making. It delivers real-time media alerts, author notifications, and spikes through easy to understand metrics that are compressed into easily-digestible reports.

We use Cision–a flexible analytics platform that delivers a full picture of the impact of our PR efforts are making. It delivers real-time media alerts, author notifications, and spikes through easy to understand metrics that are compressed into easily-digestible reports.

We are a virtual PR firm, and we have team members located all over the US including San Diego and Cincinnati. Expanding our reach even further, we make it a point to search for talent all over the world, allowing us to work with some of the most creative and strategic minds around the world and giving us access to global media outlets.

In addition to our PR programs, we also offer Research, Strategic Plan & Message Development, Brand Awareness Campaigns, Editorial Pitching, PR to Support Retailers, Trade Show Support, Social Media & Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing Management, Press Page Management, Social Listening, Media Relations, Product Reviews & Round-Ups, Leadership Interviews, Press Releases, Retailer Marketing Plan, Experiential, Brand Influencer & Brand Ambassador Program, Sales Team Support, and Benchmark Company Success.

We approach our work with exceptional dedication. We’re not just representing your brand, we’re ambassadors. This is why we only choose to work with brands and clients that share our own vision of doing well by doing good–so we can become true proponents of their value. This allows us to clearly communicate the value behind your business to relevant media.
We begin by doing a deep dive on what your business does to understand the value of your brand, what solution it addresses, and why it’s relevant to your target audience. We use this to craft centralized messaging that will be the primary basis of all your communications and campaigns. We give you a brand survey that we’d like for you to respond to in as much detail as possible. Using the survey we customize a plan and set KPI’s based on your budget and goals.
We identify how your product and service solves a real problem to highlight its relevance and value. We also use editorial calendars and use awareness day campaigns to ensure that your story is timely and relevant.

PFG creates campaigns that not only command attention, but prompt action and inspire compassion from consumers as well. We guide clients through the PFG Path—a process-driven approach to PR that delivers measurable results and translates to real ROI for businesses. We’re in the business of giving your brand a voice. Together with my team, we push the boundaries of what PR can do for your business; and by doing so we’re carving out a radically different path from the industry standard. It’s still as effective (if not more so), but infinitely more fulfilling and gratifying.

PR can help your business in many ways, but you must also use PR to help your business as well. What we mean is that it’s important for you to share and support your PR press wins when they are live.

Be sure to set up a press page for when you start to receive live links. Also, make sure that you share new live media on your social media channels while also tagging the media.

Having an article go live, or a new interview out there can help you accomplish various business goals such as selling more products, persuading retailers to stock your product, grow your customer base, earn authority in your industry, attract licensing rights deals, educate the public on your brand, and get more publicity.

Publicity For Good is on a Mission