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At Publicity For Good, we’re committed to helping your brand make a positive impact by amplifying your message and connecting you with the right audience. To ensure a successful partnership, we have a few expectations from our clients:


  • Kick off call and onboarding: All clients will attend a formal kick-off call within the first 45 days of the partnership and approve the internal onboarding documents we create to ensure alignment and a strong start.
  • Open communication: Engage in regular and transparent dialogue with our team to keep us informed about your brand’s latest developments, goals, and challenges.
  • Be present on video calls: Participate actively in scheduled video Zoom calls with our team, fostering a collaborative and engaged relationship.
  • Trust in our expertise: As your PR partner, we bring industry insights, strategic planning, and media relations expertise. Trust our team to create a tailored PR strategy that aligns with your brand’s objectives.
  • Timely feedback: Provide prompt and constructive feedback on the PR materials and strategies we develop, enabling us to fine-tune our approach and deliver the best possible results.
  • Share your brand’s story: Help us craft authentic and compelling narratives by providing in-depth information about your brand’s history, values, and mission.
  • Be responsive: Respond to media inquiries and interview requests in a timely manner to maximize opportunities for coverage and exposure.
  • Send products to the media: Fulfill media product requests and keep us updated on the status, ensuring a seamless experience for journalists and influencers.
  • Be involved in the process: We’ll set up a Slack channel for seamless communication. Our working hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM ET – 5 PM ET. Clients who achieve the best results are excited, engaged, and frequently exchange emojis and gifs in their communication with our team.
  • Understand the non-transactional nature of PR: Recognize that partnering with us is not just a transactional relationship. Clients who have experienced exceptional success, such as getting verified on social media, appearing on national TV, becoming industry leaders, or being featured on dozens of TV stations, share common habits: They come prepared and present for brainstorming calls, share press features on social media, and integrate PR into their overall marketing efforts. These clients understand that PR is a necessary investment to truly become an industry leader and make a lasting impact.
  • Timely payments and no refunds: Make payments promptly; if payment is not received within 10 days of the due date, services will be stopped. Additionally, there are no refunds for payments already received.

By meeting these expectations, our partnership will thrive, and together, we’ll elevate your brand’s presence, making a lasting positive impact on your audience and the world. Let’s join forces to share your story and make a difference with Publicity For Good.

Publicity For Good help you to boost your product to audience.

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