WhatIF Foods is offering premium milk bundles in celebration of World Milk Day


Planet-positive food and beverage brand, WhatIF Foods wants the world to celebrate in a Better way with plant-based BamNut Milk

WHO: WhatIF Foods, planet-positive food and beverage brand known for regenerative agriculture and popularizing the Bambara Groundnut on a relentless mission to fight for a world and business that steps far beyond “good enough”, aiming for a Better Better to rejuvenate, revitalize, and leave the planet better than it is.

WHAT: WhatIF Foods is urging all consumers to make the wiser and Better milk choice this World Milk Day by picking up some BAMnut Milk from WhatIF Foods. Discover BAMnut Milk with WhatIF Foods’ Milk Taster Bundle, which includes 2 Everyday, 1 Airy, and 1 Barista-style BAMnut Milk for $19, or enjoy Better savings by picking up a Try Them All Bundle for just $32 that includes all 3 flavors of BAMnut Milk, a NoodBox with all seasons, BAMnut ONLY NOODS, along with a free tote bag and free shipping all available on their official website.

WHEN: World Milk Day will be celebrated on June 1, 2023

WHERE: Happily pick up one of their bundles directly from their official website.

WHY: In its essence, WhatIF Foods’ mission begs us to think, should we just settle for sustainability or simply “good enough”? WhatIF Foods is leading the way in the food industry advocating for and leading other food brands in practicing and normalizing regenerative business and agriculture so we can leave the earth in a Better place for future generations.

Whatif Foods milk has many benefits in our body.

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