Being America’s Number 1 PR Agency for CPG brands in the beauty, fashion, food and beverage industries, one of the most important events that we frequent is Natural Products Expo West. At Expo West, we meet some of the most amazing and inspiring brands from around the world, sharing their innovative products and visionary approach to their businesses and fulfilling their missions.

Earlier this month, from March 7th to 11th , 2023, we traveled to Anaheim, California, to once again meet with our clients alongside so many other brands that are making big waves in their spaces. Here are just some of the amazing beauty brands we met with that we hope you can include in your life as well so you can feel and look your very best.

In the mood for some self-care? Check out these brands we met at Expo West!

Makes 3 Organics is a USDA-Certified organic skincare products

Makes 3 Organics

Makes 3 Organics found its way to becoming a dedicated supporter of high-quality organic foods when they experienced the struggle of developing health issues such as asthma, eczema and a number of food and environmental allergies, possibly attributed to the products they used. Today, Makes 3 Organics makes some of the most trusted, USDA-Certified organic skincare products that include, soaps, balms, body butters, scrubs and sanitizers.

Their vast selection also includes organic beauty and skincare products which they have curated themselves that are reliable, finely made and safe for everyone to use. Their products are available online through their website as well as on Amazon


Radius is an oral care brand that manufactures a wide range of organic and recycled oral care products including toothbrushes, dental floss, organic toothpaste, and even oral care products for pets. All of their toothbrushes are carefully designed to last and offer the best possible dental care for anyone’s oral health. Moreover, all of Radius’ products are made of plant-based materials, utilizing sustainable and recycled substances that reduces the brand’s impact on the environment— giving everyone something to smile about.

Radius’ visionary approach to innovating the toothpaste speaks volulmes about the brand’s mission to create a better product for a better world. Consistently, they help keep everyone’s mouths clean, beautiful and healthy, all while doing the same for the environment. You can find their products on their website, but you can also find Radius oral care products from their various retailers.

Green Goo – Natural, Plant-Based Salves Plants with Purpose

Green Goo / Sierra Sage Herbs

Sierra Sage Herbs is the former brand name of the organic beauty and skincare brand, Green Goo. Today, it’s the company’s goal to empower change and redefine our standards for body care using time-honored traditions and using plant-based ingredients. The woman-owned and family operated brand is a leading producer of healing salves made from herbal infusions. Aside from these, they also carry a wide range of natural first aid, beauty, personal care and sexual wellness products for their consumers.

What started as a business born out of a homestead that frequented farmers markets and local festivals, the brand eventually found its way to several groups of major retail stores including Walmart, CVS, Target, Safeway, Tractor Supply Co., Meijer and HEB, among several others. As a way of giving back, the business regularly partners itself with foundations and organizations that they feel passionately about.

Look and feel your best with these incredible beauty brands

Natural products using clean, wholesome resources have been a rising trend in the natural products industry. These brands have dedicated their entire business models to ensure that they’re delivering safe, reliable and excellent products to their consumers, and paying it forward by pursuing philanthropic causes that resonates with their values.

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