66° Beverage Company Releases the First-to-Market, Dealcoholized CBD Wine beverages, Fusing everyone’s love for wine and cannabis


[August 9, 2022, New York] It’s a great day for cannabis enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs! Wellness and development company, Health Advance Inc. (trade symbol OTC: HADV) is spearheading the production of CBD-infused, dealcoholized wines by 66° Beverage Company. The popularity of cannabis and cannabis-based products has rapidly grown in recent years. 21 states have already permitted the use of these goods for adult consumption. And 66° Beverage Company’s creation is surely a force to be reckoned with in the adult beverage industry.

The 66° Beverage Company is proud to have found a way to fuse the love for cannabis and wine in a compact, palatable and alcohol-free state that isn’t milky. Their CBD-infused wine beverages contain 25mg of broad spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), specially formulated to take effect within a mere 10 to 20 minutes of consumption. 66° Beverage Company, with its homegrown dealcoholization process and formulation, managed to craft a drink with lower calories, sugar and carbohydrates. Their drinks have allowed consumers to get the kick of consuming wine without the alcohol, with the lack of a hangover serving as the cherry on top.

Each 66° Beverage comes from the highest quality non-GMO grapes from California and comes in a variety of great-tasting flavors that can tickle the fancy of any wine connoisseur’s palate. Presently, they have dealcoholized red wine, white wine and rosé each with its own unique profile.

The popularity of alcohol and cannabis is undeniable, with millennials and Gen X leading the consumer base, slowly followed by Gen Z. So undoubtedly, 66° Beverage Company is catering to a distinct niche in the adult beverage industry and is the first-to-market provider of such a product.

This step forward by the 66° Beverage Company represents not just an evolution in adult beverages but also embodies a movement that will send shockwaves in this industry for years to come. It’s hailed on their website that 66° Beverage is not just a drink — it’s an experience — which they now have the power to give to every desiring consumer.

The 66° Beverage Company offered a wine that relieve your thirst.

The 66° Beverage Company is helmed by father-and-son duo David and Michael Katz who have over 40 years of experience in the field of food and beverage manufacturing and are both avid wine connoisseurs.

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