Lisa Easton Taps Publicity For Good as Her PR Agency of Record to Empower Women in Business


<Morganton, NC> (02/14/23) — Prolific coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Lisa Easton has officially named award-winning PR agency for purpose-driven brands, Publicity For Good, as its Public Relations Agency of Record

Lisa Easton has supported hundreds of women in their journey to achieve professional success and financial abundance. She’s developed a program inspired by her own experiences and learnings coming from thousands of dollars in debt, to how she earned millions in real estate and business. In her years of working for high ranking executives and successful entrepreneurs, she’s gained the tools necessary to bring women from a financially deprived to an abundant state.

She is also the founder of the Millionaire Morning Mamas Academy where she gathers women from all walks of life to help them manage their earnings and to give them a supportive community that constantly has each others’ backs. To date, she’s helped over 300 students in achieving their manifestation goals, 2 of which have already reached millionaire status in their respective fields.

Heather Holmes, the award-winning publicist and founder of Publicity For Good will be taking the reins in managing Lisa Easton’s PR efforts to grow and achieve a reach that will further help countless women achieve their manifestation goals. Lisa Easton will be joining a roster of over 200 brands that has grown with the help of effective public relations that only Publicity For Good can offer.

To find out more about Heather, PFG and their work, you may visit their website at

Lisa Easton who help in manage earning.

About Publicity For Good

Publicity For Good (PFG) is a millennial-run communications firm that provides high-level, disruptive publicity and social media services for its wide array of purpose-driven clients in the health and fitness, beauty, food and beverage, retail, coaching, and direct-to-consumer industries. Founded in 2016 by Heather DeSantis, former Miss Ohio International, PRNEWS Top Women in PR 2021 Entrepreneurs Awardee, recipient of Honorable Mentions, CEO of the Year by PRNews Platinum PR Awards, and Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, PFG has built a reputation as the country’s number one PR agency for CPG brands that have social good causes built into their DNA.

Awarded by Bulldog PR Awards with Bronze Midsize Agency of the Year (2021), PR Leader of the Year Award by Ragan’s PR Daily Awards (2021), and Gold Small Agency of the Year (2019), PFG is one of the fastest growing women-led companies in the marketing communications space. It services clients from all over the United States and Canada–providing each one with seamlessly integrated social media and PR services that increase visibility, market penetration, and help them grow into leaders in their space.

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Heather DeSantis is the CEO and Founder of Publicity For Good (PFG), Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, PRNEWS Top Women in PR 2021 Entrepreneurs Award, Platinum PR Awards CEO Finalist 2021 and Ragan’s PR Daily Award – PR Leader of the Year for 2021 and has been working with CPG clients for nearly a decade.

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