LOKI Seltzers is set to make strides in the beverage industry with Cannabis enhanced Seltzers promising to deliver vibrant sensations minus the hangover.

DATE, 2022, Brooklyn, NY — Every other day, we see new hard seltzer brands hit retail shelves left and right. Sadly, many of our options are generally bad for our overall well-being.

Consumers nowadays, especially Millennials and Gen Z, are looking for more beneficial and substantial alternatives to alcohol. These tech-savvy and information-hungry drinkers demand something delicious in the market without leaving them hungover the next day.

An important element missing from alcohol alternatives is the lack of a “buzz” from having a drink. Enter LOKI, who claims to have solved this age-old dilemma and found the secret to replacing the alcohol, promising “a better buzz” with what they’re calling “Enhanced Seltzers”. LOKI’s here to prove that alcohol isn’t the only choice to enjoy the playful effects of having a drink of wine or beer, all without the hangover! 

Enhanced with cannabis, LOKI’s five-ingredient formula contains only five calories, zero sugar, and zero carbs, delivering consumers a flavorful drink that’s set to elevate the drinking experience to new heights with just a few sips. Consumers will be met with brand-new sensations, taking them on a deeply immersive journey to the present moment.

LOKI is the result of an Azai Studios venture project led by Harji Singh and business partners Rikin Patel and Ashish Joseph’s shared passion and work. Applying their vast knowledge in business and love for the creative industry, they developed LOKI as a way to fuse their artistic interest with their acumen for the enterprise. With Singh’s leadership, their team is eager to prep LOKI to be the go-to can for the beverage and cannabis industry.

LOKI a beverage that can minus the hangover.

LOKI was aptly launched on National Cannabis day, 4/20 of 2021 and today has over 4 active distributors and is available in over 300+ locations nationwide. You can take a sip of LOKI in select bars, yoga studios, convenience stores, smoke shops, and some spas, nightclubs, rooftops, music concerts and vegan restaurants. So celebration and euphoria are never too far away!
To learn more about LOKI, their products, and the work they do to enhance our drinking experiences, be sure to check out their website and visit their socials!

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