Nutritional Supplement Leader, Theralogix Set to Release PhtyoLife Omega, the Plant-Based Solution to Gaining Your Daily Dose of Omega-3s


ROCKVILLE, Md., DATE – Theralogix Nutrition, one of the country’s top names in nutrition and supplement science announces the release of PhytoLife Omega, a plant-based, vegan-friendly supplement to meet the daily Omega-3 demands of a plant-based diet.

With the popularity of plant-based diets, foods and products continuing to rise, PhytoLife Omega addresses the nutritional gaps that come with a plant-based diet. PhytoLife Omega is here to give your body its dose of essential omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA.

Though plant-based sources of omega-3 such as nuts and seeds can supply a plant-based diet with the essential nutrient, they only contain it in its Ala form. PhytoLife Omega gives the body the two types of omega-3 it most needs, EPA and DHA — both essential to promote brain, eye, heart, immune and joint health.

There’s no denying that plant foods are incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals, but with any restrictive diet there are certain gaps to fill. It’s PhytoLife Omega’s job to fill in the gaps and offer your body its daily nutritional needs with just a single pill.

PhytoLife Omega contains DHA and EPA omega-3 fattyt acids naturally derived from algae, providing followers of a plant-based diet a fish-free alternative to fish oil supplements. PhytoLife Omega also lacks any artificial ingredients and is certified gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

THERALOGIX omega 3 is rich of vitamins and mineral.

Supplements Backed by a Trusted Name

Like all of the products in Theralogix’ roster, PhytoLife Omega has gone through intensive testing and has gained certification to secure the highest standard in purity by NSF International.

PhytoLife Omega also goes through the same rigorous evaluation process that other Theralogix products undergo. PhytoLife Omega has been meticulously researched and tested by NSF International for quality, purity and accuracy.

Theralogix is a trusted name in nutrition and supplement science backed by several doctor-recommended and award winning products under its name. 

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