Publicity For Good and Food and Beverage Community, Foodboro, to Host Webinar on Planning Your PR Strategy for 2023


(August 25, 2022) Publicity For Good, America’s Number 1 PR Firm for purpose-driven brands is partnering with Foodboro, a purposeful food and beverage community consisting of several industry founders and service partners leading the way towards innovation, sustainability and cultural reformation — essentially transforming the food and beverage industry to compete with Big Food. 

Publicity For Good has had over 10 years of industry experience growing purpose-driven food, beverage, beauty and fashion consumer brands. Publicity For Good has provided a wide variety of exposure and media opportunities that has helped brands succeed as leaders in their respective industries. For their work in public relations, PFG is a recipient of the O’Dwyers Award for Best PR Firm for CPG Brands, the Bulldog Awards Gold for Small Agency of the Year and the Bulldog Awards Bronze for Midsize Agency of the Year. (PR Strategy 2023)

Foodboro enables purpose-driven food and beverage industry leaders to connect with one another and collaborate to allow them to learn and grow from each other. Foodboro does this through access to exclusive resources, educational events, marketing and growth opportunities, and a members-only community and directory.

This time around, Foodboro sought the expertise of Publicity For Good to instruct food and beverage leaders and experts on the relevance of effective public relations — as well as how to execute a powerful PR campaign or optimize their current set of PR practices. Publicity For Good has had extensive industry experience and has helped brands manage launches, obtain consumer press, thought leadership, regional press to support retailers, TV and media tours and inclusions in product reviews, listicles and gift guides.—PR Strategy 2023

Foodboro couldn’t have selected a better partner to complement its purpose-driven nature. Publicity For Good’s experience managing advocacy and purpose-driven PR campaigns is an invaluable source of knowledge and practical wisdom that can undoubtedly elevate the brands of the food and beverage leaders under Foodboro’s wing.

Foodboro and Publicity For Good’s webinar will touch on a number of essential and supplementary topics on public relations. Topics that will be discussed include the relevance of PR for industry leadership, gauging a brand’s readiness for PR and certain forms of it, developing a brand’s unique PR story, securing gift guides and other media opportunities for brands and creating your own PR calendar for 2023, focusing on planning for the holiday season and the New Year.

Food and beverage brands shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity to learn from two food and beverage growth leaders and take their brands to the next level. This event will take place online, over Zoom on August 25, 2022, at exactly 1:00 PM EST. Register for this one-time-only event by clicking on this link.

About PFG

Publicity For Good (PFG) is an award-winning, millennial-run communications and public relations firm that provides high-level, disruptive publicity and social media services for purpose-driven food, beverage and beauty consumer brands. PFG has had over 10 years of experience growing and advocating for various purpose-driven brands such as Nutpods, Flying Embers, Eco Lips, Real Oyster Cult, Lola’s Fine Hot sauce and Flying Embers among many others.

PFG has also accumulated a number of awards under its belt for its work in public relations. PFG has been awarded the O’Dwyers Best PR Firm for CPG Brands, Bulldog PR Awards Gold for Small Agency of the Year and the Bulldog PR Awards Bronze for Midsize Agency of the Year and has been recognized as America’s Number 1 PR Firm for Purpose-driven food, beverage, beauty and wellness consumer brands.

About Foodboro

Foodboro is a community of food & beverage founders and service partners who lead the way by providing innovative products, supporting cultural reformation, executing sustainable practices and partnerships, promoting social welfare, and offering better-for-you alternatives to compete with Big Food.

Foodboro connects members with each other and industry experts to help them learn and grow their CPG businesses by providing exclusive resources, educational events, members-only community Slack and directory, marketing opportunities and more.

About Me

Heather DeSantis is the CEO and Founder of Publicity For Good (PFG), Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, PRNEWS Top Women in PR 2021 Entrepreneurs Award, Platinum PR Awards CEO Finalist 2021 and Ragan’s PR Daily Award – PR Leader of the Year for 2021 and has been working with CPG clients for nearly a decade.

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