Omnipresence Through Repurposed Content: 5 Steps To Effectively Repurpose Your Content


Steps To Effectively Repurpose Your Content—For any business, one of the most time-consuming and meticulous things you’ll be doing is creating content and a content plan. It’s a highly thought-heavy process that takes careful planning and conceptualization to execute.

It shouldn’t however always be the case. The variety of media platforms present nowadays has enabled businesses and organizations to repurpose their content and use them in a variety of new, creative ways to draw in more followers and readers. Information is prevalent now more than ever and media platforms have enabled us to consume various forms of content in a multitude of ways.

There are many perks to reusing or repurposing your present content. Below are just a few of what you can achieve—

It skips the brainstorming phase. Having reusable content unencumbered your team and allows them to perform other relevant tasks for your company.

It makes the most out of content. It allows you to reap consistent returns from your investment and maximizes your content’s potential.

Keep your brand consistent. It preserves your brand’s identity. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by having a unique voice in the industry.

Hastens content creation. Rehashed content is simpler to make than content from scratch. Old content can serve as a framework or template for several new forms of content.

Encourages engagement. The more present your brand is, the more opportunities for potential clients to interact and engage with your branded content. Thus, building meaningful relationships with clients and partners.

Promotes organic social media growth. Consistent branded content allows your social media to grow organically by allowing ideas to build and conversations to begin.

As with many things, the most difficult thing to do is start. Below are some steps you can take to repurpose your content and reap the many benefits you haven’t collected yet from your precious content:

Step 1: Start with foundational content

All your branded content should be purposeful and intentional. Foundational content in the form of graphics, blogs, press or news releases, surveys, or reports is key to repurposing content into other media. Foundational content should be easily broken down that can be used in other forms. It’s also a great idea to batch your content so you can easily identify what you can use your foundational content for in the future.

Step 2: Identify what other assets you can gain from your content

Sit down and think about how you can recycle your content. Can it be converted into an infographic? Can it spark a conversation with your clientele? Are there particular one-liners or quotes that are worthy of being Tweeted or made into Reels or Stories? The possibilities are endless with reliable content. The only limit is your creativity.

Step 3: Identify your relevant media channels

Where are you active and what channels resonate most with your brand? Properly identifying your channels allows you to easily classify and tailor your content to fit that particular channel. It can also serve as a guide post that can help you identify how else you can repurpose your content.

Step 4: Rehash and utilize ideas from your content

Recreate the content in the format you wish to use. Though it can be cumbersome, you’ve saved time and energy by having ideas and a structure already in place. It’s undoubtedly easier to renovate a house than start with an empty lot. Keep things simple and visual. And don’t forget to link back to your original content!

Step 5: Track your efforts

Like any good social media and communications plan, prepare metrics that can help you determine the success of your campaign. Identify the most effective forms of content, channels, and key demographics to ascertain how you can recreate and repurpose your content more effectively in the future.

Essentially, what you would want is visibility on all of your relevant platforms and achieve omnipresence. Your company’s visibility is paramount to giving you more revenue. You might not know it, but your current content library may already be a wellspring of new, valuable content for you to share with your target audience—Steps To Effectively Repurpose Your Content.

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