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LOKI invites all to experience a new and better buzz with Cannabis Enhanced Seltzers, delivering brand new sensations, and outstanding flavors sans the hangover.

The team at Azai Studios and their partners at LOKI Seltzers are trailblazing the seltzer industry with a drink poised to be the perfect alternative to alcohol.

DATE, 2022, Brooklyn, NY — Harji is a founding partner and Creative Director at Azai Studios. An executor in the fields of design, technology, audio, paid media, and events, his efforts aim to create memorable experiences. Coming from a background in business finance, the hustle and bustle of analyzing markets and businesses wasn’t something new to him. However, Harji isn’t merely all business. His creative exploits include music production and touring as a DJ – all of which he still does today.

It only seemed like an organic transition moving into an industry that fused all his interests. Harji expanded his creative outlets by working at some of the largest brand agencies, from BBDO to Silver Creative. In 2014, Harji founded Azai Studios, a global design, media, and technology studio with offices in Brooklyn, New York, and Dubai, UAE, bringing his passionate aesthetic and creative vision to a new scale of clientele including Microsoft, Further Ventures, ADQ, Spotify, Compass, LTSE, and others. With an eye to the future, Harji has spearheaded many in-house ventures, and most recently the latest Azai Studios launch, LOKI Seltzers, alongside partners Rikin Patel and Ashish Joseph.

The Studio and its Founding Partner are also active contributors to various cultural and non-profit initiatives worldwide, including the 1% for the Planet and Future Fairs.

With LOKI Seltzers, It was Singh and the team’s intention to create something in the market that stood out. The non-alcoholic beverage industry is dotted with a multitude of alcohol alternatives. Most of these options, however, don’t give consumers any effects.. They wanted to create a beverage that stood out in every touchpoint from brand strategy, market positioning, and a visual brand that resonates with their target audience..

LOKI is a beverage that’s massively benefited from excellent and disruptive branding and marketing that took the alcohol alternatives market by storm. LOKI was poised to be a cannabis-infused beverage that even non-cannabis users consider and can enjoy drinking.

LOKI is the first brand to ever coin the term  Enhanced Seltzer to denote their Cannabis infused seltzer drinks. The alcohol alternative category never properly addressed the demands for the market.

LOKI a beverage for hangover.

LOKI sought to change that by offering an alternative that not only gave you a “better buzz” but is great tasting and provides the benefits you can expect from cannabis including a boost in creativity and euphoria. The 5-ingredient formula that constitutes LOKI beverages only carries five calories, zero carbs and zero sugars. The result is a unique and immersive drinking experience that promises euphoric sensations in just a few sips.

Millennials and Gen Z consumers are transforming the beverage industry with their unique set of values and attitudes. These consumers are more likely to be mindful of the goods they consume. They’re in the constant search for qualities that both taste good, and are not harmful to consume.. LOKI promotes a drinking experience that’s totally novel, enjoyable and gives consumers a mind and body sensation, minus the hangover.

LOKI officially hit shelves April 4th, 2021 with just 4 distributors, 300+ retail locations, bars, restaurants, members clubs, pharmacies, Yoga studios, spas,  convenience stores, smoke shops, and more.

Singh envisions LOKI to be the go-to can for the beverage and cannabis industry. As the Cofounder of the industry’s first enhanced seltzer, Singh, his partners at LOKI is set to transform the way we look at alcohol alternatives, cannabis, drinking and celebration.

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