Prospector Popcorn, along with the Prospector Theater, the largest popcorn player in the Northeast, has announced Publicity For Good as its official public relations agency of record


<Morganton, NC> (January 27, 2023) — Prospector Popcorn, along with the Prospector Theater, the largest popcorn player in the Northeast, has announced Publicity For Good as its official public relations agency of record.

Being a purpose-driven brand, actively contributing to the improvement of the community as well as uplifting marginalized sectors in the population, PFG was eager to partner with Prospector Popcorn. Known not only for its gourmet popcorn but for its commitment to providing competitive and inclusive employment for people with disabilities, Prospector Popcorn is beyond just a gourmet popcorn brand.  

80% of people with disabilities don’t have a job.  Meaningful employment is vital to a person’s mental, social, financial, and emotional health. The Prospector improves the quality of life for countless people with disabilities, their families, and their communities. 

The disability community is a very reliable and talented workforce, yet not enough employers are harnessing that power, or as the Prospector says, “sparkle”.  In order to tap into the unique skills and talents of each employee, Prospector Popcorn gives every member of its team the chance to grow in roles that they love and have a passion for.  To date, 75% of the brand’s workforce identifies as a person with a disability.  

Just recently, Publicity For Good ran a campaign with Prospector Popcorn in preparation for National Popcorn Day, which falls on January 19, 2023. The campaign resulted in 108 new users visiting the site, along with 3 purchases that can be attributed to PFG’s efforts to promote Prospector popcorn. Furthermore, Prospector popcorn enjoyed a single-day revenue that was 84% higher than the previous single-day record from the previous year and 3900% higher revenue than the previous year’s National Popcorn Day sales, with 94% of these sales attributed to first-time buyers.

Publicity For Good also set up a campaign that helped Prospector Popcorn launch new flavor varieties that the brand developed and featured in a gift guide in preparation for Valentines day, as well as discounts for their Chocolate Strawberry Popcorn and Sweethearts Pack These promos were released simultaneously with National Popcorn Day, maximizing the effect of the campaign to ensure maximum visibility for the upcoming month’s event.

“Since opening in 2014, we’ve received hundreds of inquiries from entrepreneurs, businesses, and families expressing either a hope for us to create a Prospector in their town, or a desire to replicate our model”, says Ryan Wenke, Director of Operations at the Prospector.  “Our delicious gourmet popcorn is not only the perfect product to share our mission and sparkle with the world, but it’s proof that our model of meaningful and inclusive employment for people with disabilities can come in all forms.  It doesn’t need to be a movie theater”, Wenke goes on to say.

“Working with Publicity For Good has been one of the best decisions our popcorn brand has made.  Within weeks, our story and offerings took the national stage and new customers were experiencing the delicious combination of our signature popcorn and our much-needed mission.  Heather and her team understand brands with a purpose, and how to successfully maximize reach.  We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with PFG”, Wenke concludes.

Prolific, award-winning, highly sought-after publicist and founder of Publicity For Good (PFG), Heather Holmes, will be taking the lead in ensuring Prospector Popcorn’s growth through highly targeted and strategic Public relations efforts and campaigns. Prospector Popcorn will join the ranks of over 200 purpose-driven brands that Heather and Publicity For Good have helped grow into industry leaders. With a powerful and meaningful mission, Prospector Popcorn will hopefully achieve its goals so the brand can continue contributing immense help for the disabled community.

To find out more about Heather, PFG and their work, you may visit their website at

Prospector Popcorn  it's look like yummy and good for movie marathon.

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