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What’s a trip to the great outdoors without the smell of burning coal and smoked meats? We’re guessing that’s what our friends at Men’s Journal thought when they took a sampling of Kiolbassa’s artisanal smoked meats a try — and boy, were they in for a treat!

No other purveyor of cured meats has embodied the state of Texas as much as Kiolbassa Smoked Meats. Only so few butchers today pay as much attention to detail as Kiolbassa. The brand has continuously perfected and refined its handcrafted sausages and smoking processes to deliver bold and big flavors in every bite of meat.

Beyond the bacon, however, is the passion of the family behind these breakfast staples. Robert “Bobby” Kiolbassa, son of owners Rufus and Juanita Kiolbassa has dedicated his life to growing the brand to stellar heights.

Apart from cured meats, Bobby was best known for his heart of gold. He continued Kiolbassa’s mission to give back to the community and made it his purpose to provide nourishment to those in need and combat food insecurity.

Today, Kiolbassa has not only served premium cured meats to breakfast tables but has given countless links of sausage to those in need through their various charitable pursuits. 

Kiolbassa, together with Feeding America and Mercy Chefs, started Links of Love as a means to provide a rich and delicious source of protein for those affected by calamities and for first responders. In the pandemic alone, they were able to serve an estimated 50 tons of sausage to 26 cities across the country, feeding over 589,000 individuals.

KIOLBASSA smoked meat it look like delicious.

In the wake of Bobby Kiolbassa’s unfortunate passing in 2021, Kiolbassa Smoked Meats honored his life and generous heart by establishing Bobby’s Legacy. Bobby’s Legacy promises schools, churches, first responders, military men and women, and charitable organizations a free box of Polish sausages for every two packs purchased.

Publicity For Good congratulates Kiolbassa, and together, let’s end hunger one sausage at a time!

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