WhatIF Foods Bringing Better Plant Milk For A Better World At ExpoWest


Planet-positive and regenerative agriculture brand, WhatIF Foods is stepping in to bring a Better Better in food and business in this year’s ExpoWest

MARCH 7-11, 2023, ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA — Planet-positive food brand, WhatIF Foods is joining this year’s ExpoWest this March 8 to 10 in Anaheim, California at booth N1733 to bring Better milk and food for a Better you and a Better planet.

WhatIF Foods is a brand that’s never been satisfied with just being good. While many may claim that their brands are good for people and the environment, WhatIF Foods has strived to go beyond and be Better. They’ve come far past being sustainable and instead, opted for regenerating and replenishing our soils and reconnecting people with the farmers that grow the food they eat.

Critical to its success is the utilization of an ancient West African legume, the Bambara Groundnut, or BAMnut, that has the ability to revitalize damaged soil, reviving the land’s potential for growth and propagation. Central to WhatIF Foods’ mission is the creation of a Better future and seeking out a Better way to be Better. So the brand is calling out WhatIF Foodies everywhere to share the positive vibes so all can benefit from a Better Future.

WhatIF Foods hosts a wide variety of plant-based milk and noodles. WhatIF’s BAMnut Milk is available in three varieties: Barista, Everyday and Airy, all of which contain only three natural ingredients and are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Their noodles on the other hand come in four great tasting offers that are densely packed with protein and fiber, and with lower fat than conventional noodles. WhatIF products are available on their website, from various retailers across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens as well as from the following retailers:

  • Citerellas
  • Key Food
  • Brooklyn Harvest
  • Food Town
  • Super Fresh Market
  • Urban Market
  • Gourmet Fresh
  • City Acres

ExpoWest is the country’s premier convention that allows individuals and businesses to discover the newest trends and innovations in sustainable business practices, food, beverages and products. Becoming an exhibitor in the event is a highly coveted opportunity since it allows brands to forge strong, life-changing relationships and partnerships as well as the chance to intimately meet with their target audiences and key industry figures.

WhatIF Foods’ participation in this event opens many other brands to the opportunity of seeing beyond good and sustainable so they can find what their brands can do to be even Better. WhatIF Foods wants to share a reminder to everyone that in the long run, the earth will be fine, but it’s people who will suffer from irresponsible choices they make that may harm the earth. So everyone always has and needs to be and do Better.

Beyond pleasing the earth and its people, WhatIF Foods believes that it’s gained the favor of some nonhumans as well. Aliens are in full support of WhatIF’s planet-healing mission so they can have a Better and healthier planet to conquer with. Dinosaurs appreciate the brand’s carbon-negative footprint that’ll rejuvenate the planet and bring them back. And zombies will have a blast devouring healthy human bodies packed with protein from WhatIF Foods’ BAMnut Milk and Noodles

In a nutshell, WhatIF Foods’ Founder and CEO, Chris Langwallner, shares his passion to leave a lasting impact on the planet with his statement that advocates for A Better Better:

“It’s simple. I want to leave this world better for my kids – and their kids! And that takes radical honesty and optimism. Incremental change won’t do. We can’t just kick the can of “sustainability” down the road anymore. WhatIF Foods is our chance to reconnect with and empower farmers and their families, revitalize soil in degraded lands, and put people’s health and happiness over profits. And that mission is never complete. That’s ‘A BETTER BETTER.’ “

– Chris Langwallner, WhatIF Foods Founder & CEO

In a world that’s obsessed with greenwashing and sustainability, WhatIF Foods is starting its own movement. WhatIF Foods promises its consumers Better food that’s Better for our bodies, Better for our soils and Better for our planet and its farming communities through innovative and regenerative farming practices. Humans won’t last forever on this earth, and they’re making a way so we can stick around longer, and to do that, everyone needs to go bigger than just sticking with sustainability. 

Whatif foods it looks like delicious and nutritious.

About WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is a planet-based food company going beyond sustainable to create “A BETTER BETTER.” WhatIF works with the regenerative Bambara groundnut, a legume that naturally replenishes our bodies, our soils and reconnects us to farming communities. WhatIFs BamNut Milk is creamy, delicious, and made with just 3 natural ingredients. The BamNut noodles are air-fried, contain 17g of protein and are available in 4 delicious flavors.

Explore more at whatif-foods.com and follow them @whatiffoods.

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