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WhatIF Foods Expands into 130+ retailers in New York City

March 23, 2023, New York City, NY — Planet-positive and regenerative food brand, WhatIF Foods, is set to make its collection of food and beverage products accessible to New Yorkers. The brand has launched its products in over 130 retailers across the city, making access to its innovative, BAMnut-based noodles and plant milk products more convenient to locals.

WhatIF Foods is a brand that strongly advocates for businesses to transition from sustainable business practices to regenerative ones in order to recover and regenerate possible damage inflicted on the environment. And their use of regenerative crops is key to their message. Their use of the BAMnut, an underused, yet nutritionally dense legume that has the ability to restore soil health, has been central to the success of their mission to improve the environment and combat climate change, a box of noodles and carton of milk at a time.

Recently exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West, this year’s convention identified three major trends that will impact the industry in the coming years: Clean Ingredients, Mission Matters and Optimal Health. With a mission that significantly impacts the earth and people; a product that’s clean, simple and highly nutritious, WhatIF Foods ticks all the boxes for the major food trends to look out for in the food industry. WhatIF Foods is leading the way for Better Better business and agriculture, representing the spirit of innovation that’s celebrated in the natural products industry.

 BAMnut Milk or BAMnut Noodles are healthy meals.

Now, citizens of New York City can take part in the regenerative moment spearheaded by WhatIF Foods by simply picking up a box of their BAMnut Milk or BAMnut Noodles from their new retailers. WhatIF’s BAMnut Milk is made with only 3 ingredients (Bambara groundnut, water and coconut oil), it contains an average 5g of protein per serving and about 3x more fiber than any other plant milk out there. It is not only creamy but also incredibly versatile and can be used by itself, with coffee/tea, for cooking and baking.

Join the movement for regenerative business and agriculture by supporting WhatIF Foods. You can find their products on their website, Amazon and select retailers in the New York area including:

  • Citerellas
  • Giant Foods
  • Key Food
  • Brooklyn Harvest
  • Food Town
  • Super Fresh Market
  • Urban Market
  • Gourmet Fresh
  • City Acres

Answer WhatIF Foods’ call to not simply settle for sustainable business practices, but to aim for a Better Better.

About WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is a planet-based food company focused on earth-friendly, people-friendly ways to create healthy meals. WhatIF Foods is going beyond and creating “A BETTER BETTER.” A never-ending quest to push beyond sustainability and reimagine how we get our food. Their regenerative farming practices mean food that’s better for our bodies, our soils, our planet and farming communities. Their BAMnut Milk is not only creamy and delicious but is made with just 3 natural ingredients. WhatIF’s noodles contain 17g of protein and are available in 4 delicious flavors; all made with the regenerative Bambara groundnut, a legume that naturally replenishes our bodies and our planet. Explore at whatif-foods.com and follow @whatiffoods on IG and TikTok.

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