A Review of Expo West: Our Tips For Success at Expo West


Expo West, also known as Natural Products Expo West, is one of the biggest trade shows in the natural products industry. Companies all over showcase their latest products and innovations to retailers, distributors, and the media. But what goes on behind the scenes for public relations agencies and media at Expo West? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the preparation phase, the challenges and opportunities faced during the show, and the post-event follow-up while also sharing some purpose-driven brands we’ve met and worked with along the way.

Preparing for Expo West: Tips and Strategies for Success

Preparation for Expo West starts months in advance, where public relations agencies collaborate with their clients to plan their strategy, including messaging, media outreach, and event logistics. The media, on the other hand, research the exhibiting companies and products to schedule relevant events and presentations to attend.

On the Ground at Expo West: Public Relations Agencies and Media in Action

During the show, public relations agencies work tirelessly to ensure that their clients receive optimal exposure, whether through interviews, press releases, or social media posts. They also handle any crisis communications that may arise, such as product recalls or negative media coverage. Similarly, the media attend events and presentations, conduct interviews with key executives and spokespeople, and visit exhibition booths to learn about new products and innovations.

Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities at Expo West: A Guide for PR Agencies and Media

One of the most significant challenges that public relations agencies and media face at Expo West is the overwhelming amount of information and events, which makes it difficult to identify the most relevant stories and trends. Crowded venues also make conducting interviews and capturing the right photos and footage challenging. However, Expo West also presents many opportunities for public relations agencies to get their clients in front of the right people and generate positive media coverage, and for the media to stay up-to-date with industry trends and gain access to key executives and spokespeople.

Maximizing Exposure: Follow-Up Strategies for Post-Event Success

Expo West

Once Expo West ends, the work is not over for public relations agencies and media. Agencies follow up with media contacts to ensure that their clients’ stories are covered and track media coverage to measure the impact of their efforts. The media then write their stories and publish them on their various platforms.

Some Awesome Brands We’ve Met

As a purpose-driven PR agency, we’re always on the lookout for mission-oriented, socially responsible brands that are out to do good in the world. We’ve had the privilege of working with and championing a number of brands that participated in Expo West such as WhatIF Foods (booth N1733), Soom Foods (booth N1428), Nutpods (N1436), NOW Foods (booths N1004-N1006, 1620 and 3833), Jovial Foods & Bionaturae (booth 2181), and Eco Lips (booth 2982).

As a family-run business, we’re also obsessed with baby brands and it was amazing to see so many natural product-based baby brands creating waves in their industries. We were amazed and humbled to meet these brands, and we encourage everyone to meet them as well including the many other kids and baby brands that participated in this year’s Natural Products Expo West.

Amyris, Babo Botanicals-Mustela, Baby Bambo Nature, Baby Diamond Wipes, Baby Ignite Brands-Oilogic, Baby Jack N’ Jill Kids / Natural Family Co., Baby KCK Industries, Inc, Kittrich Corporation, Baby Makes 3 Organics, Skincare Moon Valley Organics, Baby Original Sprout, Baby Piggy Paint, Baby Radius, Oral Care Sierra Sage Herbs, Skincare Terra Diapers, Baby Wellements, Tiny Sprouts, Amara, Puffworks, Serenity Kids, Brainiac, Nest Baby Diapers, Ready, Set, Food!, Aussie Bubs, YUMI, Plum Organics, and Pumpkin Tree Snacks

Why Expo West Matters for Companies and the Media in the Natural Products Industry

Expo West is a crucial event for companies to gain exposure and for the media to stay on top of industry trends. Public relations agencies and media can make the most of the event by careful planning and execution, generating positive coverage for their clients and readers.

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