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Small businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to establishing themselves in the marketplace. With limited resources and smaller budgets, it can be difficult for small businesses to compete with larger, more established companies. However, some small businesses have managed to succeed and thrive by leveraging effective public relations (PR) strategies.

Publicity For Good has helped a lot of purpose driven small businesses get the attention and recognition they deserve. We’ll show you 3 of our clients that succeeded in PR:

Prospector Popcorn

Try Prospector Popcorn today and taste the difference that purpose-driven snacking can make!

Prospector Popcorn is more than just the biggest popcorn player in the Northeast, they’re on a mission to uplift the lives of a highly underrepresented sector of the community. The people with disability (PWD) community is plagued with several issues detrimental to their personal and financial well-being. In America, an estimated 82% of people with disability are jobless and are, at times, faced with job discrimination for the simple fact that they’re disabled. Prospector Popcorn has helped alleviate this concern by hiring people with disabilities which they fondly call prospects.

Publicity For Good was posed with the challenge of spreading awareness about Prospector Popcorn’s, and the Prospector Theater’s mission in order to drive up sales. Furthermore, they also wanted to be established as the best popcorn brand in the North East, coupled with a meaningful mission to help people with disabilities. They yearned for influencer features, particularly for their new flavors. We heavily capitalized on earning media opportunities for National Popcorn Day, featuring them as both the best gourmet popcorn brand around as well as a purpose-driven brand helping a disadvantaged group find fulfillment.

We’ve recently worked with Prospector Popcorn during the National Popcorn Day on January 19, 2023. Here are the results achieved by our partnership:

📈 76 media opportunities collected

🌟 69 of which are already live – opportunities included major and minor publications with a total reach of over 79.5 million media impressions

🎁 54 product samples sent out to outlets and influencers for product features and reviews

💰 Single-day revenue on National Popcorn Day that’s 84% higher than the previous single-day record from 2022

🚀 Revenue is up by 3,900% than the previous year’s National Popcorn Day

🧑‍🤝‍🧑  94% of revenue attributed to first-time buyers

🌎 Prospector Popcorn achieved a page 1 ranking on Google in the United States for the first time

FLYING EMBERS a drinks that quench your thirst.

Flying embers is an organic hard kombucha brand that’s brewed with botanicals and probiotics. The drink is well-loved by millennials thanks to its refreshingly sparkling taste and health benefits.

Flying Embers sought out the assistance of Publicity For Good to create brand awareness for them and deliver the message that their hand-crafted hard kombucha is a “better-for-you” alternative to alcohol. They wanted us to spread awareness about their expansion and distribution of new flavors, as well as deliver news about the kombucha industry. Ultimately, the goal is to transform Flying Embers to become a leader in the hard kombucha space.

In order to achieve Flying Embers’ desired goals, Publicity For Good crafted press releases to announce national distribution efforts and developed media relationships across the country to generate new consumer awareness. We secured a local TV segment that introduces consumers to Flying Ember’s brewery as well as its founder, Bill Moses, to drive local press. We also leveraged awareness campaigns such as National Booch Day, Wildfire Awareness Week, Memorial Day Cocktail Recipes, June National Men’s Health Month, Father’s Day Gift Guides, and tapped into Mindful Drinking for Labor Day Weekend. We also released news on how Flying Embers gives back to the community by supporting Local First Responders. Additionally, we managed consumer press, trade press, regional press to support retailers, event support, and influencer outreach.In our 16-month partnership with Flying Embers, we were able to achieve:

📈 88 media stories collected

🧑‍🤝‍🧑  over 699 million consumers reached 

🌟 577 media mentions

💰 $926,000 publicity value achieved 

🌎 Occupied 84% of the hard kombucha space

Peggy Sullivan

Peggy Sullivan is the founder and CEO of SheCAN!, an organization dedicated to the personal and professional development of women. Inspired by her father’s penchant for self-development. Daily, her father would tell her “Toots, a day without learning is a lost opportunity”. When her father passed, he left money to Peggy which she used to start the SheKahn Foundation in 2018. SheCAN! blossomed from that, and today has helped countless women become the best versions of themselves. Like how her father encouraged Peggy throughout her life, she’s passing this blessing on to help other women like her. 

Peggy approached Publicity For Good with the goal of enhancing the visibility and recognizability of Peggy Sullivan, her book and SheCAN! through concentrated content, promotion, news releases and other various publicity efforts. Peggy also wanted us to educate the public about her book and workbook about the benefits of her “Three Legged Stool” approach to happiness. Publicity For Good was also tasked to make people aware of her “Happiness Is Your Responsibility” approach to life that aligns with her vision of growth for her community. Furthermore, we were tasked with expanding awareness for Peggy’s vision and her various resources to increase her notoriety and credibility in her space and so businesses and companies can profess interest in using Peggy’s resources and experience for speaking engagements.

We outlined the following objectives for Peggy Sullivan and SheCAN! in order to achieve our intended goals. We aimed to secure interview features with publications that align with Peggy’s demographic. We wanted to secure features in top lifestyle and business publications that discuss Peggy and her book. We also wanted to secure partnerships and features with top digital outlets. We also hope that through these various efforts, we’d be able to secure interest in Peggy for speaking engagements. Naturally, we’d also public press releases around key dates, appearances and other relevant events related to Peggy’s organization and mission.  We also aimed to increase her credibility and likability by publishing content on LinkedIn.

Throughout Publicity For Good’s partnership with Peggy Sullivan, we were able to achieve:

📈 88 media opportunities accumulated with 54 being live opportunities

🧑‍🤝‍🧑  over 1.8 billion media impressions 

🌟 56 media mentions

💰 $18.32 Million estimated publicity value achieved

🌎 Achieved brand awareness and established as a thought leader in her field

Publicity For Good’s Approach

At Publicity For Good, we take a holistic approach to public relations. We believe that effective communication is about more than just securing media placements – it’s about creating a comprehensive strategy that aligns with our clients’ goals and values.

To achieve this, we start by getting to know our clients and their unique stories. We then develop customized PR and social media plans that are tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s building relationships with media contacts, creating engaging social media content, or developing thought leadership pieces, we have the expertise to deliver results.

Throughout our work, we stay true to our core values of transparency, integrity, and authenticity. We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy partner for our clients, and we always strive to act in their best interests.

Our Clients

We work with purpose-driven brands across a range of industries, from food and beverage to fashion and beauty. Our clients all share a commitment to doing good in the world, whether that’s through sustainable practices, supporting underserved communities, or donating to charitable causes. Interested in working with Publicity For Good? Contact us now!


In conclusion, Publicity For Good has shown how effective public relations strategies can help small businesses succeed and thrive in the marketplace. By leveraging media opportunities and establishing relationships with journalists, Publicity For Good helped its clients, Prospector Popcorn, Flying Embers, and Peggy Sullivan achieve their goals and increase brand awareness. Through media coverage, Peggy Sullivan was able to promote her vision for SheCAN! and her book, while Prospector Popcorn and Flying Embers increased sales and became leaders in their respective industries. Publicity For Good’s successful partnerships with these clients demonstrate the power of public relations in achieving business success

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