Using PR to Boost Your SEO: A Guide to Maximum Online Visibility


PR and SEO: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Public Relations (PR) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two different disciplines, but they can complement each other and work together to help improve a company’s online presence. PR and SEO may have different approaches but they share a common goal of building a brand’s reputation and reaching as many people as possible. PR focuses more on managing public opinion and utilizing media outlets to tell stories and share news. SEO, on the other hand, focuses on website optimization to increase search engine rankings which can drive traffic to your brand’s site.

So how exactly can PR support SEO? There are several ways that these two disciplines complement each other to maximize online visibility. This blog will lay out some of the key ways that PR supports SEO.

Key Areas Where PR Complements SEO

Increase Awareness

Public Relations helps brands increase awareness and visibility which can drive traffic to their website. SEO’s ultimate goal is to optimize one’s website in order to achieve higher visibility and ranking which can further drive traffic to the website.


PR has the ability to help brands earn high-quality backlinks from reputable websites and publications. Brands that get featured in major news and media outlets have a guaranteed spot in that publication’s lineup of posts and articles, earning the brand backlinks that can boost their reputation and search engine ranking.

Keyword Research and Generation

PR can help brands identify the keywords that their audience uses to search for what they need. Using these keywords and phrases in PR campaigns and web content can improve a brand’s visibility both to their website as well as through their other channels, driving traffic to potentially increase sales and profitability. Additionally, PR campaigns can be a valuable resource to obtain and target profitable long-tail keywords that are specific and lacks competition which allows brands to rank higher in search engine results.

Social Media Expansion

Social media is critical to both PR and Seo. It’s very important to use both of these to maximize a brand’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. By sharing PR campaigns and web content on social media, brands can reach a wider audience which can result in higher traffic to their website. By increasing one’s social media presence, brand’s can garner more shares, likes and followers all inevitably resulting in a more prominent online presence.

Improving Brand Reputation

By building positive relationships with media and influencers, PR can help improve a brand’s image and reputation, essentially earning them more potential traffic to their website. In line with being featured in publications and outlets, these features will serve as sources of high-quality backlinks that can bolster a brand’s authority as well as increase their website’s search engine ranking.

Content Creation

The creation of valuable and shareable content is one of the key elements to high-quality PR. Creating and sharing useful content is also critical to SEO since it allows other reputable outlets to share and feature your brand and website. Press releases, blogs, infographics and videos are all excellent fodder to build a brand’s reputation so they can attract organic traffic to their website and establish their presence online, inevitably allowing them to rank higher on search engines. 

Parting Words

In conclusion, PR and SEO are two sides of the same coin in building an online presence and increasing visibility. By leveraging PR to support SEO efforts, brands can create comprehensive marketing strategies that can help them achieve their goals and drive more traffic to their website. And with the right strategy, PR and SEO can play key roles in helping brands reach a wider audience and build their online reputation.

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