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Publicity For Good has had the privilege of working with several socially responsible, purpose-driven and inspiring individuals and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making the world a better place. WhatIF Foods is one such brand that’s on a mission to transform agriculture, business and hopefully global food systems so everyone can focus on regenerative business, instead of just settling for sustainability.

WhatIF Foods is obsessed with creating a better version of better business for everyone that goes far beyond sustainability and preservation. The brand wants to rebuild and rejuvenate the planet for the present and future generations so we can continue to reap the benefits of the earth while giving back to it simultaneously. Central to WhatIF’s mission is the Bambara Groundnut, or BamNut which the brand incorporates in all its milk and noodle products that promises consumers a better alternative to milk and noodles that’s far healthier for both people and the planet.

PFG was privileged enough to have campaigned for WhatIF Foods to allow the brand to extend their influence to reach more people, entrepreneurs and members of the media so they can continue to spread the good they constantly offer to the world. For our campaign, WhatIF Foods wanted to particularly target a more youthful audience, specifically Gen-Z, which typically supports brands who operate their businesses with integrity and care for the world.

Whatif Foods ramen noodles it looks like delicious and healthy.

In just the first 6 months of working together, we were able to effectively tell the story of The WhatIf Way to allow substantial traffic to pass through their stores. Through relentless pitching with local, regional and national press for business, sustainability, food, nutrition, innovation and agriculture, we were able to tell the brand’s story and prove that WhatIF Foods is a brand that walks their talk.

During our time working together, we released 9 news articles and media alerts to highlight key events for the brand for 2022 which includes the following:

  • A general pitch to the media about The WhatIF Way
  • WhatIF Food’s New York Expansion
  • WhatIF Food’s recognition as a Real Leader for Impact
  • WhatIF Food’s Holiday Offers
  • WhatIF Food’s participation in Generation Fest
  • WhatIF Food’s official Amazon launch
  • WhatIF Food’s participation in the Planetiers World Gathering
  • And WhatIF Food’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale
Whatif Foods are one of the most nutritious foods.

Through effective and strategic PR and communications efforts, we were able to secure over 240 media opportunities which include features in VegNews, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, BevNet, Well+Good, VegWorld and Good Morning America. With the help of Publicity For Good, WhatIF Foods was able to reach a total of 92 million consumers, cementing their authority in regenerative business and agriculture. Additionally, we were able to syndicate all of the content published for WhatIF Foods to our email list which consists of over 20,000 subscribers and all our media platforms with an accumulated following of 100,000 followers.

These opportunities were able to showcase WhatIF Foods’ unique offering to the world and proclaimed them as true champions for positive change. The following are just some of the kind and inspiring words that the media has shared about the brand:

“Singapore-based start-up WhatIF Foods makes BamNut Noodles with Sweet Hot Seasoning that are packed with protein, air-fried and low in fat compared to leading instant noodle products. These noodles make the most of the regenerative crop Bambara groundnut, along with wheat flour and pea protein as key ingredients. Increasingly, brands are turning to regenerative crops to create climate-friendly products with ingredients that help to reimagine farming in line with natural systems.” – Trend Hunter

“WhatIF Foods is trying to change the world, one unique food product at a time, with the regenerative crop BamNut at the center of everything. Their BamNut instant noodles are made with air-frying technology, making them healthier than traditional ramen, even before you take into account their unique ingredients, including pumpkin, charcoal and moringa. These noodles are strained (rather than left as a soup), and the included flavor packets pair perfectly with the natural taste of each type of noodles to make for a truly tasty meal with amazing texture. Somehow, this very same crop also makes up their delicious BamNut milk, available in Airy, Everyday and Barista varieties perfect for everything from your morning cereal to mixing up your favorite latte.” – Sweety High

“Through [regenerative farming practices], WhatIF will remove all its lifetime carbon emissions from the atmosphere,” WhatIF Foods Founder and CEO Chris Langwallner told VegNews. “And, step by precious step, it will bring life back to those degraded lands and to the communities who farm them.” – VegNews
WhatIF Foods is a brand that perfectly embodies the values that Publicity For Good looks for in a brand. WhatIF Foods possesses a deep passion to help and is driven by a mission that seeks to make the world a better place for everyone. As a brand, few can rival WhatIF Foods’ reputation for being a purpose-driven brand.

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