The North Carolinian Holiday Gift Guide


As proud members of the state of North Carolina, these purpose-driven brands have a soft spot in our hearts. For us, it’s all a matter of supporting your kin and making strides to make our proud state and its members better — North Carolinian holiday gift guide.

This guide is for all you North Carolinians out there who want to meet some purpose-driven brands that can make you proud to be from our great state. Not from here? It doesn’t matter! Try out some of these brands and see what we have to offer.


You all have one — That friend of yours with rows of shoes, outfits, beauty and cosmetics. Inspire them to style with the earth and community in mind.

Citizen Bloom Botanics

Citizen bloom cbd oil products in various sizes

Citizen Bloom Botanics is an Asheville, North Carolina-based botanical hemp-care brand that specializes in the production of premium, all-natural hemp products for beauty, health and vibrancy. The brand’s founder is a staunch advocate and activist for medical marijuana and hemp policies, whose goal is to make the benefits of hemp as accessible to all consumers as possible.

Citizen Bloom’s collection of hemp-based botanicals are all 100% plant-based and are composed of only 10 ingredients or less. They house a variety of aromatherapy roll-ons, dietary supplements, balms and body oils. To make the gifting experience more convenient and meaningful, they also offer a set of bundles to get your loved ones started in their Citizen Bloom Botanics journey.

Check out Citizen Bloom Botanics


The world is in no short supply of food lovers, and you probably have that friend who loves to get a sampling of the finest dishes and drinks that are available in the market. Help them create change by sharing the gastronomic treats prepared by these purpose-driven brands hailing from North Carolina

Carolina Kettle

Carolina kettle bags of chips in different flavor

Carolina Kettle is a humble snack foods brand hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina that specializes in creating gourmet, kettle-cooked potato chips. Being in the snack food industry for over 65 years, its founder’s family is no stranger to the problem of hunger in America, with 1 in 6 people not knowing where their next meal will come from. As a response to this ongoing concern, Carolina Kettle’s mother company, 1 in 6 Snacks, wanted to be a brand of great-tasting snacks that actively gave back to the local food bank. To achieve this, for each bag of snacks they sell, a portion of its profit will be donated directly to the local Food Banks.

Carolina Kettle’s chips are available in 11 great-tasting flavors that can tickle anyone’s craving for a good potato chip.

Check out Carolina Kettle

French Broad Chocolates

a box of dark and milk chocolate

French Broad Chocolates is a brand that’s become known for its premium chocolate bonbons and chocolate bars. The Asheville North Carolina-based brand is a certified B-Corporation brand, recognized for its work in sustainable sourcing and reducing its manufacturing process’s environmental footprint. They actively share the cacao mulch they produce to local gardeners and farmers for composting to help contribute to the community’s soil fertility.

As their name suggests, they have a broad selection of chocolates and chocolate-based products in the form of bonbons, bars, chips and drink mixes. They also host a few vegan and dairy-free options as well as some other treats like caramelized almonds, hazelnuts and espresso beans.

Check out French Broad Chocolates

Larry’s Coffee

A can of Larry's mocha flavor coffee

Larry’s Coffee is a Raleigh-based coffee manufacturer that earned the highly coveted B-Corp certification for doing business for the greater good. Beyond just making excellent coffee, Larry’s works exceptionally hard to achieve a net zero impact on the environment by optimizing its facilities to use as little energy and resources as possible. It’s the company’s goal to eliminate even their need for conventionally sourced electricity to go even further in their attempt to do good in their business. Larry’s Coffee is also a member of Cooperative Coffees, a group of independent roasters that import coffee directly from farmers to set higher standards in partnerships and equity.

Larry’s hosts an incredibly vast selection of coffee-based products ranging from ready-to-drink cans of coffee, cold brews, single-origin coffees, coffee blends, and a few decaf options.

Check out Larry’s Coffee


Here’s to the decorator, home improver and everyone who’s dedicated to making home a better place. Help them bring out the best in their North Carolina homes and themselves.

Oak & Oliver Candle Company

A jar of oak and oliver candle in orange scent

Oak & Oliver Candle Co. is a Moore-County, North Carolina-based company that offers expertly formulated scented candles that ignite feelings of home and relaxation every time a candle is lit. What started as a passion project became a lifelong obsession and beautiful creative outlet that gave birth to Oak & Oliver. It is the founder’s hope that each time an Oak & Oliver Candle is burning strong, it transports you to a place of relaxation, invigoration and creativity.

Oak & Oliver houses an abundance of scented candle varieties on their Etsy store. Their scents feature a mixture of a variety of waxes and essential oils that bodes well with a wide variety of environments and homes. Their store, also fittingly has a selection of gift bundles to help you out in choosing the perfect set for your favorite homebodies.

Check out Oak and Oliver Candle Company

Southern Elegance

Southern elegance candle in a jar with box

Southern Elegance is a humble veteran-owned company that manufactures scented candles with one goal in mind — reigniting the South’s shared history and the South’s cultural experiences. Their candles are carefully crafted to elicit memories that take you back to a place of pure joy and pleasurable nostalgia. As a southern business, Southern Elegance’s mission is to support other small southern businesses, partnering with them so they could grow alongside one another. As such, they’ve dedicated time and energy to searching for the finest suppliers and manufacturers in the south.

Southern Elegance houses a multitude of scented candles and fragrance sprays that can turn any house into a wellspring of fond memories. Families of veterans and military officials are also in luck, since they offer discounts to the honorable heroes that fight and defend our proud nation.

Check out Southern Elegance


Where or what would we be without our families? Let’s celebrate the astounding effort and impact that fathers and mothers have on molding the planet’s future. 

Bella Tunno

Bella Tunno food container for babies

We’ve never lacked love and adoration for B-Corp certified companies at Publicity For Good. Bella Tunno is one such brand that not only offers quality products but does its part in improving the world we live in. In its essence, Bella Tunno is a brand created by moms, for moms, with the intention of feeding a hungry child and taking steps to end world hunger. It’s their mission to make parenting easier, more fun and meaningful by offering great products that serve a grand purpose.

Being a mom-founded corporation, Bella Tunno has got new moms and parents covered with a vast selection of feeding and eating essentials including sippy cups, teethers, bibs, utensils, plates and so much more. Revel in the knowledge that while you’re feeding your little one, you’ll also be feeding a little one in need.

Check out Bella Tunno

Barefoot Baby Clothing

A baby's clothes

Barefoot Baby Clothing is a kids apparel brand that’s dedicated to bringing kids back to nature and the great outdoors. The brand is alive to celebrate mini-adventurers, hikers, outdoor lovers and, most importantly, the barefoot kid.  Their clothes are all designed using dye sublimation, allowing them to maintain their color for longer, prolonging the lifespan of kids’ clothing.

The brand offers a selection of beautifully designed apparel specifically for babies and toddlers with dye-sublimated designs. These articles include short and long sleeve shirts, onesies and a variety of bottoms. They also hold a number of accessories including headwear and some story books to complete a toddler starter pack.

Check out Barefoot Baby Clothing

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